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The  RedGreenBlue  LEDs of a Sonoff B1 Lamp can be controlled by sending individual R, G, B vales, OR a single 24bit combined RGB value.

At the bottom of the Annex Toolkit UDP Console tab are 3 sliders which broadcasts a 24bit combined RGB value to the subnet.
These can be used as a UDP RGB lamp controller for the simple scripts below.
Don't let the relative simplicity fool you... the identical script could be run on multiple devices to provide impressive synchronized lighting control.

This first script is for use on a Sonoff B1 Lamp:


This next script is for any device with neopixels connected to gpio2

This last script uses individual R,G,B signals, and has it’s own browser R,G,B sliders for local control.
The sliders also broadcast their value changes to any other listening UDP devices on the same subnet.
So multiple devices can be controlled by each other and/or the Toolkit UDP Console.
Pay attention to the  s w e e t  active slider…
       replace$(slider$(r, 0, 255,”R”), “onchange“, “oninput”) 
which branches on immediate change to the branch declared with onhtmlchange  ie:changeit in the above example (thanks CiccioCB)