480 x480 Wallpanel with UDP

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480 x480 Wallpanel with UDP

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Even though I did a lot of copy and paste, a useful application was created.
You also have to change the address I provided in your application.
In PHP in IP-Symcon a example to write into Display:

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

$BadEG= GetValueFloat(59947);// from real temp from termostat
//echo $BadEG;
USCK_SendText(39372, "TXT12= ".$BadEG." Grad"); // in Display nr1
USCK_SendText(40426, "TXT12= ".$BadEG." Grad"); // in Display nr2
USCK_SendText(20501, "TXT12= ".$BadEG." Grad"); // in Display nr3 
But you should assign different UDP ports to the displays when you respond to them, otherwise the things will react with flickering.
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