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Annex for ESP32
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Re: ESP32 S2Mini

Post by cicciocb »

[Local Link Removed for Guests] wrote: [Local Link Removed for Guests]Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:13 pm Ok, thanks. I had been dividing down my actual voltage (18.8V DC) with a margin, so 21V to 3.3. So instead, I need to divide down to 2.5V.

Are the attenuation options settable from Annex? (E.g., ADC_ATTEN_DB_11--which seems to be in effect for my S2Mini)
No, the attenuation is not settable and is fixed to the max range.
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Re: ESP32 S2Mini

Post by lyizb »

It's now working as expected, other than that it is maxing out at 2.62V (on my voltmeter) with an ADC reading of 8191 (while at 2.6V the reading is 8161.

Of course, there's no guarantee that my voltmeter is accurate to a tenth of a volt.

I still have to calibrate to my voltage reading before the voltage divider 100K-o-12K, but I'm close to within a couple of tenths of a volt, which is more than good enough for my purposes.

Thanks very much.
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