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Re: Annex on SD

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This time, instead of using the purple UNO S3 N16R8, I used a black UNO R32 with just 4Mb and 32Mb SD card.
The SD worked in both the SD shield and the Data-Logger shield, and the i2c RTC worked on the data-logger.

The UNO proto-shield with mini breadboard is fine for now just to quickly plug in Wemos D1 Mini shields until I decide optimum positioning for soldering a wemos footprint socket to a proto-shield.

The diagram below usefully maps a Wemos D1 Mini footprint to the UNO digital (D) pins shown in blue, with necessary adjustments for the D1 discrepancy.
The corresponding mapping for the black R32 gpio pins is shown in black, and the corresponding mapping for the purple S3-N16R8 gpio pins is in purple.
The grey characters for the black A2 to A5 mappings are because those gpio's are input only, but I cannot find similar details for the purple S3 yet.

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Re: Annex on SD

Post by Oli »

I soldered a micro SD adapter with the cables without pull resistors, works super stable.
It is difficult to look at the photo, the adaper fit exactly between the pin strips.
The cables plug in the photo have a different purpose, you can see the blue oranges and yellow cables as it is made.
I also only used 1 GND because both are connected to the SD.

I chose the USB side, not near the antenna.

As soon as you activate the card in the config, it is displayed and used as a flash memory, in my case 32GB.
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