Complete Beginner

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Complete Beginner

Post by hombre_de_preguntas »

Hi All,

I found the following link and thought it would be a great project idea.

[External Link Removed for Guests]

The instructions lead me to this site and tell me to download the IDE for the ESP32 board, but I can only find .bin files that my computer cannot open. As mentioned in the title, I have virtually no experience with development boards and the like. Could someone point me in the right direction to be able to complete this project?

Thanks for the read.

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Re: Complete Beginner

Post by GSontag »

Hola Hombre,
Just follow Step2 of the link you came from.
Tool Kit 1.22
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Re: Complete Beginner

Post by Electroguard »

A good place for a newbie to start with Annex is here: [External Link Removed for Guests]
It hasn't been updated for a while, but most everything is still relevant and recognisable.
The 3rd menu option jumps straight to the Flashing Procedure instructions, but you might want to have a browse around a bit first.
Download the last package listed at the bottom of DOWNLOADS, you need to click View to download it, but here is the download link anyway:[External Link Removed for Guests]

Basically, download the Annex package to your computer, unzip it, then go into the unzipped folder and run Toolkit.exe
You'll then need to select the appropriate type of device you wish to flash in the Serial Flasher page, ie: esp8266, esp32, etc.
Assuming your serial port settings are correct, clicking the Blue button in the Toolkit Serial Flasher should connect to the device and read its parameters.
If it does that, you can flash it using either the Green or Yellow button, which will upload the appropriate .bin file to the device.
The Yellow button uploads the Annex firmware plus a load of example scripts, so that offers something for a new user to look at.
The Green button just installs the firmware only, and is used to upgrade from a previous version without adding unnecessary clutter.
The versions of Annex firmwares (.bin files) which were included with the package will not be the latest, but once you have successfully flashed with an older version of firmware, you will know what you will be trying to achieve by copying updated versions of Annex .bin files into the /build folder.

Before warming up your soldering iron you may want to try running some 'html' only scripts which don't need additional hardware to run, eg:
[External Link Removed for Guests]
You don't need to know any html, simply copy and paste the script into the Editor, Save, Run, and see results in the Output window.

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