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Post by cm99 »

In these Christmas holidays I have resumed an old strip of neopixel LEDs to decorate an environment.
The self-made controller use an old basic program for ESP8266.

I updated the controller with Annex but I stopped on a NEO.SHIFT instruction that I didn't find.

neo.shift ({start pixel}, {end pixel}, {direction, 1 for forward, -1 for reverse.})
Will display a shift effect. This allows some nice scrolling animations with very little effort.

I tried to do it again in basic, it works, but obviously it doesn't have the speed of the native command.

Is there a similar command in ANNEX?

Greetings and happy holidays.
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Post by AndyGadget »

That's strange. I've been doing a few things with small neopixel strips and the lack of a shift comand didn't register with me. I've been shifting my bits manually, but only for 12 neopixels or so. I'd have twigged if I'd been shifting more, I'm sure.
Go on Francesco, give us a SHIFT command :D
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