Undocumented RAMFREE option ?

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Undocumented RAMFREE option ?

Post by Electroguard »

CiccioCB, what is the new RAMFREE(1) option parameter used for ?

I noticed it from the BLE example in the Annex32 WiFi BLE CAN 1.43.5 Online Help, but the RAMFREE help syntax does not mention anything about an optional parameter, even though Annex 1.43.5 appears to recognise the presence of the parameter without triggering an error.

BTW, the BLE instructions I've tried do actually work, but the individual BLE syntax entries are missing from the help (there is only the main Bluetooth topic entry between ESPnow and Telegram).
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Re: Undocumented RAMFREE option ?

Post by cicciocb »

Hi Robin,
this "undocumented" feature shows the different kind of RAM available.
In particular, ramfree alone shows the sum of internal and external (PSRAM) available, and ramfree(1) shows only the internal RAM.

I use this information to understand how the module allocates the internal memory.
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