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Editor css

Post by ulli »

Hi all,

just to keep it in mind:

Maybe you can let the firmware read an optional css file from the file
system which is originally empty (or non-existant but with a
well-known name). This would enable the user to add his own css.

Ciccio replied:

Yes, this is a good idea.
I have an old idea coming from Robin (Electroguard) still to develop but essentially yes, can be done.

My original post was:

Hi ciccio,

the editor window is very small whereas the (rarely needed) log window is

Can I permanently change the editor css such that .box1 ... .box6 are
simply same width stacked on each other? If so, where can I do this? Or
is it something where only you have access?

Your css currently gives 1/3 to the editor window and 2/3 to .box4 ...
.box6. Maybe a switch to 2/3 for the editor and 1/3 for the others might
also work.

Thanks for all your efforts and for your kind answer.

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