Hardware wake from sleep state.

Give it a try, it costs you nothing !
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Hardware wake from sleep state.

Post by AndyGadget »

Hi Cicciocb, is this still a possibility?

From old site :
We've got the timed wake from sleep on ESP32 but would it be possible to include the EXT1 wake on pin state method of waking as well?
This would come in useful in situations where the ESP32 is asleep for most of the time but needs to become active when a particular sensor triggers, such as fluid level alarms, smoke alert, motion sensor etc. Another use (relevent in my case) would be to wake the ESP32 early from a long period timed sleep.
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Re: Hardware wake from sleep state.

Post by cicciocb »

Hi Andy,
yes I'll try to include this feature.
I'm actually working for a new version of the toolkit that should run on any OS (win, linux, mac).
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