Specifying IP parameters from the script

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Specifying IP parameters from the script

Post by Electroguard »

Perhaps the existing Wifi.Connect command might be extended to optionally allow specifying static IP parameters rather than the router always defaulting to dhcp, eg:
WIFI.CONNECT SSID$, password$ [, BSSID$] [,Static_IP$, SubnetMask$, DefaultGateway$]
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Re: Specifying IP parameters from the script

Post by nedudgi »

I highly agree this idea. As an addition, I recommend some modification, to add time server, and the time zone into the script, autorun program too.
Without any knowledge, I tried to understand the internals of the installation procedure. I checked the contents of data-min.zip, and created my special version.
I have more locations, where my ESP-s will located, so I wrote tiny program, that (at the first run) scans the accessable AP-s, and connects the best fitting one. It would make integration easier, to define the autorun program, and the default time zone plus time server in config.ini - that should be stored seperately on the PC, outside of the data-min.zip and flashed into each module. Before flashing, the Annex Toolkit extracts data-min.zip, just insert/overwrite into the newly created compressed file to be flashed.
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