Internet Debate Simulator.

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Internet Debate Simulator.

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This program generates a spoken output of a transcript of a typical Internet discussion when debating any contentious political issue.
I've toned down the language a bit to protect those of a sensitive nature.

Run on an ESP32 with audio DAC and speakers connected.
You will need to enter your own VoiceRSS key for the play.voice command to work.

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

Key$ = "YourVoiceRSSKeyHere"
play.setup 1,128
play.volume 10
  P$ = "en-au&v=Isla"
  gosub SpeakIt
  P$ = "en-au&v=Jack"
  gosub SpeakIt
I$ = wget$("",443)
I$ = replace$(i$,chr$(102)+chr$(117)+chr$(99)+chr$(107),"muck")
I$ = replace$(i$,chr$(115)+chr$(104)+chr$(105)+chr$(116),"poop")
I$ = replace$(i$,chr$(32)+chr$(97)+chr$(115)+chr$(115)," ear")
play.voicerss I$, P$,key$
loop until play.isplaying = 0
For the sake of 18 lines of code, someone had to do it :D :D :D
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