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Piot project - Raspberry Pi

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 3:31 am
by peridot
Perhaps you want to store data from your Annex projects or want to use MQTT without using a third party server. If you have a Raspberry Pi lying around any Pi will do even a simple Pi Zero W you can do all this on you home network.

I have put together a Rasp Pi image of EmonCMS and Node-Red that you can use on you Home Network for data storage and Visualisation, like OpenHab or Home Assistant but much simpler. You can use it to store data via HTTP, UDP, MQTT or even via serial directly from your ESP running Annex.

Here is a screen shot showing data from my home sensors and also some demo data via MQTT from a ESP8266 ( the power1 entry)
2021-05-14 13_11_16-.png
2021-05-14 13_24_12-Emoncms - graph — Mozilla Firefox.png
If you want to view sensor data/notifications that you can see when away from home the and don't want to use third party servers (been there , where do all those unwanted ads etc come from) just use an email account The Node Red can do all that for you, sending you alerts, data updates etc, also Node Red has nodes that can "read" an IMAP mail account so you could send commands/requests back to your home to request data , trigger event etc, securely without opening up your router.

If anyone is interested for more info or a copy of the image , just let me know and I will send you a link (its an image so its a big file)

Re: Piot project - Raspberry Pi

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 9:45 am
by Electroguard
Thanks for sharing, Peridot, it looks excellent.
I have no actual experience of Rasp Pi and other stuff you mentioned, but if it runs on even a cheapo Pi and offers MQTT and other stuff on an isolated home network without needing cloud access, then it is definitely something I will want to look into when time and opportunity permits.
So yes, I would very much appreciate the download link, and any additional info that may be available.
BTW... is rasp Pi actually essential, or might it run on eg: MX Linux which I already have running 24/7 ?

Re: Piot project - Raspberry Pi

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 10:59 pm
by peridot
Hi Robin, thanks for your interest.

Well, Raspberry is from Debian Linux I believe but optimised for Raspberry. There is a Docker install script so if you have Docker installed on your big Linux system give it a go, see [External Link Removed for Guests]. I struggle with Linux but what i have managed to learn over the past couple of years has been mostly on the Pi so it has been worth it.

I have a Rasp Pi 4 running a SSD with UPS power backup. Its extremely stable. I have also got a ESP8266 connected to the PI via serial, this is running various bits of code to do with aggregating my house and roof solar power, building up a data string for PWS-weather for my Weather Data. [External Link Removed for Guests]. I am most comfortable using basic to get things done so am very happy to be able to use Annex with the Pi to use its resources. Node -Red is especially useful (its a JS tool) in joining things together, serial, MQTT, HTTP, UDP , Email etc
The interesting one for me at the moment that i am looking at is the email, I think I mentioned previously its ability to access an email account and because you can write functions to filter the message you can then produce events fro the received message. eg you send an email with say "read sensor" in the text, you can then have Node Red filter for that and act on the "command" sending you a message , turn something on/off etc. This is without direct access to your network or third party servers, which I am becoming extremely wary off, If you don't pay for it they want something!

Emoncms and Node Red also have Dashboard capability, not as pretty as some systems but very simple to construct, all running on the Raspberry Pi.
2021-05-15 08_54_28-Emoncms - dashboard view — Mozilla Firefox.png
2021-05-15 08_56_20-Node-RED Dashboard — Mozilla Firefox.png

Re: Piot project - Raspberry Pi

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 11:35 pm
by Electroguard
Looks like a big learning curve ahead, but it also looks worth it.
What home weather station are you using (for wind info) ? Does it give you serial (USB) access to the data, or are you hacking the rf ?
Looks like I'm gonna need to fish out a lightning detector module I've had laying around for a few years.
Is the image an ISO ? If so, I will give it a try in vmware - nothing to lose, and won't know until I try, but if it's a no-go then I can then order a Pi.

Re: Piot project - Raspberry Pi

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:53 am
by peridot
Hi the image file is .img created by win32DiskImager then compressed to a Zip, so I believe you can just rename the .img to .iso, try it. I emailed the link but here it is anyway. [External Link Removed for Guests]

Ah, my weather data comes from various sources . The Wind/Anemometer is a Lacrosse unit but the original RF electronics replaced with my own using a micromite to decode the data stream then wifi to my network. The Temp and pressure etc is also home brew using micromite code reading BMP280 and DS18B20 for temperature. This data is send via wifi using ESP8266 modules running ESPEasy [External Link Removed for Guests] which is just superb for connecting sensors, little code , looks after itself, just runs! I send a mixture of data from the ESPEasy units HTTP messages to the EmonCMS server for storage and UDP data streams that I use to feed little display units like this, they are ESP8266/Annex.