MX1508 motor driver and CD reader defective.

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MX1508 motor driver and CD reader defective.

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Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

' Wemos D1 mini
' Motor control module MX1508
' Mechanism of old damaged CD player
' GPIO12 (D6) = switch open
' GPIO13 (D7) = switch close
' GPIO4 (D2) = A2 of MX1508 = - Motor
' GPIO5 (D1) = A1 of MX1508 = + Motor

pin.mode 12,INPUT 
pin.mode 13,INPUT 

pin.mode 4,OUTPUT 
pin.mode 5,OUTPUT 

pin(4) = 0
pin(5) = 0

' if the door is not fully open or fully closed
if pin(12) = 1 AND pin(13) = 1 then close

onHtmlReload loadHTML
gosub loadHTML

cssExternal "style.css"

a$ = "<center>"
a$ = a$ + |<div id="T1"><p>Restricted access area</p></div>|
a$ = a$ + |<div id="T2"><p>Authorized personal only</p></div>|

if pin(12) = 1 then a$ = a$ + button$("OPEN", open, "btn")
if pin(13) = 1 then a$ = a$ + button$("CLOSE", close, "btn")
a$ = a$ + "</center>"
html a$

  pin(5) = 1
  loop until pin(12) = 0
  pin(5) = 0
  gosub loadHTML

  pin(4) = 1
  loop until pin(13) = 0
  pin(4) = 0
  gosub loadHTML

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I did this little project to learn about motor control with limit switches and take advantage of the mechanism of a broken CD player.
He also managed to entertain my grandson by using it as a liftgate for his construction toy. Only 15 minutes, but you know ... this generation!
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