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PixTrig4 Camera Trigger

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:41 am
by peridot
This is the forth iteration of my "PixTrig" Camera Trigger, it started off several years ago with Picaxe, then gravitated through Micromite with "Nokia" display and now thanks to the power and flexibility of Annex RDS a new port to ESP32 with Web UI included has been possible
The prototype is shown below with some of the UI pages and snippet of the output hardware.
These are a series of "Water Drops" image using the built in relay output sequencer.

IMG_0127_1 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0141_1 (Medium).JPG
2021-04-15 16_46_30-Notes - Zim (Small).png
IMG_20210415_122537 (Small).jpg
The input/output circuitry consists of a LTV847 opto isolator plus a clipped/limited digital/ADC input for external triggers.
Pixtrig4 Outputs.png