ANNEX in the wild

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ANNEX in the wild

Post by PeterN »

Assuming: A finished ANNEX-BASIC application on an ESP32 or ESP8266 hardware is to be used in a new place and a new (former unknown) WIFI as easily as possible for the first time and even by a non-technician.


Well, the device automatically goes into AP mode if it cannot log into its "old" WIFI as a client. This WIFI with an almost unknown name "ESP ......" would first have to be searched for manually in order to then log in with a pass-key and finally be able to enter the new WIFI client credentials on [External Link Removed for Guests] . In some cases this procedure could be found to be quite complicated for a non-technician.

I wanted to simplify this further.
So I first entered the access data for my home WIFI on the config page as normal.
In addition, a fixed access point name "ESP" and "ESP_ANNEX" as the key are now set.

Now I have created two QR codes.
From the photo APP of a current mobile device, you can automatically access the WIFI "ESP" and then scan the second QR code to be directed to [External Link Removed for Guests]. There you can then enter and save the access data for the new WIFI.

If the ESP module is now reset, it will log into the new WIFI as a client and not go again to the AP-mode.

Here are the two QR-Codes:

WIFI_ESP - small.PNG
CONFIG - small.PNG

I had the intention to simplify this QR method further by creating some ANNEX-code that starts the well-named AP-Mode for only e.g. 10 minutes if the client can not log in.
The code presents a Web-page with a listbox of all seen WIFIs and locally stores the entered credentials.

My current problem: I did not find a way to bring the module from AP+STA-mode to pure STA-mode.

This was for me a nice playground with QR-codes - maybe still to complicated or useless?? Comments are welcome :-)
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