ESP32 ePaper watch

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ESP32 ePaper watch

Post by Nighthawk »

hey Group,
this is not my project but I wanted to bring it to your attention...
[External Link Removed for Guests]

and here is the schematic
[External Link Removed for Guests]

I wonder how it would do with our favorite Annex?

The campaign ends in 7 days (as of this writing)
I'm tempted to pick one up at $50
Your thoughts?
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Re: ESP32 ePaper watch

Post by cicciocb »

Hi Dwight,
It will probably work with Annex but it is so specific that there are many other devices that need to be supported (display, accelerometers, etc.).

At the same time, I found it to be very expensive compared to other products already available on aliexpress, like this one

[External Link Removed for Guests]
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Re: ESP32 ePaper watch

Post by PANNO2 »

hi ,
just bought a lilygo t-watch version 3.

st7789v lcd
bma 423 axis sensor
Max98357A i2s
motor on gpio 4
touch board
i2c mic
pmu axp202 ?
infrared on io13

after playing with some arduino examples i found the most samples are not working really.
the hardware test works fine and and shows the features.

at the end i installed Annex 32 !!!
it startet !!! and i can code in the editor !!!

a few seconds after starting the motor on gpio 4 starts to run and get verry hot.
setting pin 4 to 0 solve the problem.

make a buzzer motion :

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

pin.mode 4,OUTPUT 
pin(4) = 0
pause 400
for r = 1 to 20
pin(4) = 1
pause 11
pin(4) = 0
pause 51
its cool and maybe i found some features but not much time atm.

hope u like the info.

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Re: ESP32 ePaper watch

Post by PANNO »

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