TFT GUI Problems

Here we can discuss about the problem found
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Re: TFT GUI Problems

Post by Electroguard »

Ok Francesco - hey, if I didn't stick my neck out to point out possible problems or potential improvements even at risk of misinterpretation as unwelcome criticism then I wouldn't be doing my best for Annex like I've always done... but once I've done my job of creating awareness, it's for you to judge what may be relevant or not.
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Re: TFT GUI Problems

Post by cicciocb »

No Robin,
I do not consider your comments as unwelcome criticism, if Annex is what it is today is also thanks to your comments / suggestions.

I was just trying to understand what you are describing and suggesting something as alternative.

I'll implement the "RETURN" mechanism in a specific version and you'll see what happens; maybe, if your code remains inside the same block, could work but if you are using other event (for example timers), it will not.
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