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This is a little procedure that shows how update a module using the OTA (Over The Air).

This example illustrate an ESP32 going from the version 1.43 to the version 1.43.4

Th first step is to run the AnnexToolkit

Select the OTA tab; by default the OTA server is stopped

Start the OTA server clicking on the button; Verify that the message "started" is shown

A web page is automatically shown;
this page reports all the URL that must be used for the different modules.
Copy the url for the ESP32 modules (highlighted text in the picture)

Open the web page of the module and select the Config page;
paste the url copied from the previous page in the ORA url field
Note that the actual version installed is the 1.43.
Click on Save and then on OTA Update

The Progress Bar will start to indicate the download process

When the process is over, the progress bar will reach the 100%
The process should take around 1 minute

Wait a little bit (~1 minute), the time required for storing the firmware inside the module;
refresh the module web page clicking on the Config tab
Check that the module shows the new version 1.43.4
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