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Linux and Virtual Machine setup

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 5:31 pm
by Nighthawk
A thread from the old forum about setting up a Linux Developers Station...

This very long [External Link Removed for Guests] tutorial may not appeal to everyone, but Annex users are all budding developers to some extent, so I expect many will find something to appreciate during these long curfew and lock down evenings... even if only that it's one of the clearest and best tutorial videos to be found.

That was outstanding Electroguard!
Thanks for sharing.
Now I want to build a Linux workstation

Jan 31
You don't need to wait for the new linux workstation, Dwight… my wife boots MX Linux installed to a 32Gb USB3 memory stick on her win10 laptop because it actually boots faster, but she can still remove it and boot from the internal win10 hdd if she needs to.
It needn't be wasted effort either, because MX Snapshot can create an ISO image of the configured system plus all installed apps for restoring to hdd or vm, or copying to a Ventoy usb stick as an emergency bootable backup.

I just ran across this tutorial [External Link Removed for Guests] and he does an excellent job showing us how to use Virtual Box to set up a VM which is an excellent compliment to the video Electroguard posted at the top of this thread.