Unable to post using Chrome / BitDefender.

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Unable to post using Chrome / BitDefender.

Post by AndyGadget »

I'm using Chrome browser on Windows 10 and running Bitdefender (free) as AV.

With Bitdefender active I cannot login to ciccio.com, but if I disable Bitdefender, I can.
Once logged in, I cannot post in the forum (nothing logged by Bitdefender, nothing happens when I hit 'submit') with Bitdefender active.
I have added ciccio.com as an exception in BitDefender with no difference.
Ad blocker / cookie blocker are turned off.

If I use Internet Explorer I still cannot login but if I disable BitDefender and log in and then re-enable, I can post.

I haven't experienced this with any other site I visit.

I'll probably have to live with this annoyance, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.
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