how to fail without .....

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how to fail without .....

Post by PANNO2 »

a good external Antenna.


i worked a while on my ultra "secret" Annex Project to control an external Motor on my Balkony. i use a Devkit esp32 for indoor testing and programming.
All works fine,so i like to test it in real conditions. The Esp and the Router are in 5 Meter Distance with a thick Beton Wall and the Wall have Window inside.
It cant connect the Router !

i testet several conditions , sometimes its conecting sometimes not. its the last problem i thinking about. Iam pretty sure it will connecting .
so i bought a esp with an external antenna connector.
now i must waiting for the new ESP and the SUN on the Balkony is killing me :roll:

the DEVIL is in the Detail. :twisted: :roll:

(wifi.power 20.5 is set) and my router is a bloody o2 which sux.

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Re: how to fail without .....

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I just soldered a spare router antenna directly onto the board to increase signal strength on one of my projects. I cut the existing track where it enters the angled copper track antenna and soldered the central wire of the co-ax there and there was a ground track adjacent for the screen.
I had to take it off and reattach once or twice due to case mods etc and managed to lift a track, but the initial fix was very neat. I can't remember the figures, but it gave a very large increase in signal strength down the garden.
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Re: how to fail without .....

Post by PANNO »

hi ,

Got some old Wlan Router with Antenna on the back. I try your method at weekend and will post the result.

Btw : it’s raining 😉
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