Sunrise and sunset...

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Sunrise and sunset...

Post by PANNO »


Anyone with a annex code for this?
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Re: Sunrise and sunset...

Post by AndyGadget »

Probably the simplest way is to use the API at [External Link Removed for Guests] .
Also, the OpenWeatherMap API will give you sunrise and sunset for a location along with weather information.

If you want to do this by purely mathematical means without web access then there is a discussion thread here :
[External Link Removed for Guests]
(Hint - It's extremely complex.)

Cicciocb, I hope you don't mind a link to an alternative microcontroller forum. Please delete if you do.
Picaxe has it's uses but ESP8266 / ESP32 has WIFI :D
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Re: Sunrise and sunset...

Post by Fernando Perez »

Panno, this was already covered in the old forum:
[External Link Removed for Guests]

As AndyGadget says, I think the system that pointed fu-ma ... @ is the most suitable.
And the one suggested by Electroguard, the simplest.
I provide you with a simple code that can help you. You must take into account that you have to add the hours of difference of your place, in my case two.

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

' In memory of M.R. James
lat$ = "43.0275"
lng$ = "0.570833"
r$ = wget$(""+lat$+"&lng="+lng$, 80)
' wlog r$
sunrise$ = json$(r$,"sunrise")
sunset$ = json$(r$,"sunset")
wlog "sunrise at "; sunrise$
wlog "sunset  at "; sunset$

This only returns data for the current day, but you will see that it is easy to interrogate the API with future days on the original site:
[External Link Removed for Guests]
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