ANNEX RDS for esp32 and esp8266 Website

What is AnnexRDS ?

AnnexRDS is not your ordinary development system; it’s a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency. With Annex Basic at its core, it redefines the notion of programming simplicity and versatility.

Emphasizing its distinction, Annex Basic boasts the quintessential perks of an interpreted language: lightning-fast turnaround, freedom from cumbersome libraries and compilers, and the absence of specialized IDE requirements. But that’s just the beginning.

Imagine commanding diverse hardware and sensor devices with a single line of code — no libraries required! Annex Basic elevates structured programming to new heights with features like Do While, Select Case and callable subroutines with pass-by-name parameters.

But wait, there’s more! Enjoy full-fledged internet capabilities over WiFi, empowering seamless IoT integration and beyond. And the best part? AnnexRDS sets a new standard by ensuring there are absolutely no runtime penalties on today’s high-speed devices, thanks to its blazingly fast performance.

Updating is a breeze with AnnexRDS — simply flash it onto your device using the user-friendly web-based flasher, then effortlessly receive over-the-air updates. Plus, dive into an active forum where you can exchange ideas, tackle challenges, and engage directly with the developer.

What truly sets AnnexRDS apart is its ingeniously designed IDE, which operates directly on your target device. No installation hassle — just fire up your browser (preferably Chrome) and start coding. Need to edit? Do it directly on the target or import files from your favorite editor.

Once AnnexRDS is integrated into your device, you’re set for boundless creativity and productivity.

And last but certainly not least, Annex supports the entire family of the ESP chips, including the ESP8266, the ESP32, the ESP32-C3, the ESP32-S2, and the ESP32-S3.

To give you an idea of the functionalities included in AnnexRDS, you can consult the help file available here.

The website is actually under construction, so in the meantime, follow us on the forum and/or use the links available below.

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